What We Do

Although we cover many specialist areas, our key business strands include:

1) High Quality Corporate Websites

Most agencies can produce nice designs for your Corporate or Investor Relations website. But what's their code quality, accessibility, or hosting like? A poorly performing site, or one containing lots of errors can affect your share price. The websites that we create for our clients are regularly ranked as the best quality in the UK by third parties such as Sitemorse.

2) Responsive Design Websites

Many more people are viewing websites using smartphones and tablets these days, and most websites look terrible on a smaller screen, requiring you to zoom in and out to view text, or use the navigation. By using a technique called Responsive Design your website adjusts its layout, navigation and content to always best suit the screen being used. This area is one of CST Group's specialities, and our clients have won awards and plaudits for their mobile friendly sites.

3) Highly Accessible Websites

Let's be frank, the majority of websites that have been designed with accessibility in mind are just plain ugly. They sacrifice aesthetics for brutal and in-your-face functionality. Here at CST Group we think there's another way, a better way: A website can meet whatever accessibility standards your company has adopted (WCAG 1.0, WCAG 2.0, Section 508, PAS 78, JIS, etc.), and yet still look beautiful. An accessible website doesn't have to look austere. It doesn't have to look as though it has been designed specifically for people with disabilities. It can still be responsive. It can have all those current flavour of the month things such as CSS3 animation and parallax scrolling. A good website will look great and work well for people of all abilities.

4) Online Customer Engagement

With years of experience under our belts we're the ideal partner to run your online competitions, manage your social media activities, administer your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, and generally ensure that your customers enjoy the best possible online experience from your company or brand.

5) Branch Sites

This is our antidote to the on-going criticism about identikit high-streets. Our Branch Sites system gives each of your stores its own mini-presence within your main brand website. The sites are updated locally, but with tiered-level approval and sign-off (if needed) before any changes go live. The sites might list opening hours, maps and directions, store specific offers, local events, staff charity events, etc. The system helps to give each outlet a 'personality' and a local voice, but always in a structured, controllable, brand compliant and fully manageable way. Who says high street stores are all boring?

6) Web Based Tools

Show us a business problem and we'll design a bespoke web enabled system to help solve it. No hassle, no fuss, and because it's hosted by CST (not simple off-the-shelf software) there's no need to bother your IT department! Being web based, our tools are (securely) available any time, any place, anywhere. Tell us about the issues you're facing and challenge us to come up with a revenue neutral solution.

We also do:

  • E-commerce
  • SEO
  • Brand websites
  • Email campaigns
  • Maintenance
  • Pay per click
  • Online promotions
  • Intranets
  • Extranets
  • Management
  • Hosting
  • Digital consultancy
  • Digital production/cost auditing

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