It's not just about looking good

There's an independent website testing company called Sitemorse. It tests websites for things like code quality, functional errors, accessibility, and hosting speed. It's the most authoritative quality benchmark for UK websites.

Sitemorse sells its testing service to large companies to help them improve their web presence, but it also regularly performs checks across whole industry sectors. One of the biggest surveys it does is to test all of the websites for companies listed in the FTSE All Share index, publishing the results in a league table every quarter. You'll find the Q1 2018 results here.

If you do click through you'll see our client Marston's PLC at the top of the table with a score of 9.6 (out of a possible ten). That's one of the highest scores ever recorded by Sitemorse, and it's a score of which both CST and Marston's are justifiably proud!

Marston's tops the Sitemorse table, again!

Marston's PLC has been at the top of the Sitemorse charts before – in fact our site has sat at the top of the chart for 21 out of the past 24 surveys.

There's currently a lot of talk about high-street names struggling, or going out of business. If you look at that Sitemorse table you'll find these are usually companies down towards the bottom of the table. Perhaps companies that don't care about the quality of their online presence aren't those best equipped to cope with modern business?

This is especially important for Corporate Websites, especially those containing Investor Relation pages, as poor accessibility and code quality will result your search engine rankings suffering (SEO). You'll appear way down the page on Google, and way down the table when the next Sitemorse survey comes out. Is that the image you want to project?

If any of this is important to you, and you want to have an informal chat about how we might help you to create a site that's loved by both your site visitors and Sitemorse, please get in touch. We've an impressive track record, and would love to come and show you some of the work we've done.

We can be very flexible in terms of contracts and budgets, and if you take our maintenance and hosting services we can even create the initial site for free. This is all best discussed face to face - we're happy to come anywhere in the UK to meet you. Just call Paul on 01273 621393, or complete our contact form.

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