The best SEO advice I can give you

Posted: 16th February 2018 | Filed under: Business, Design, SEO, Social Media, Technical
Author: Paul Ockenden

There are so many so-called "SEO Experts" out there, but it's strange how, if you google "SEO Expert" none of them ever appear on the front page.

I always explain to clients that they shouldn't worry too much about things like 'keyword density'. Just create a good website, with relevant and regularly updated content, and with good links both in and out to other well respected sites. And, most importantly, make sure your site uses semantic HTML markup, and doesn't contain any broken links or unvalidated pages. Oh, and make it mobile friendly too.

But it's hard to explain to people that this is more than enough when they are bombarded, daily, by people running automated SEO scripts over their websites. Seriously, you can't do SEO from a script. The script doesn't understand the brand. The script doesn't understand the site's strategic imperative. The script doesn't understand the available budget, or the company's resource limitations.

Just build a good website. Build it properly. Make it relevant. Keep it updated. That's the best SEO you'll ever do.