Domain Pain

PC Pro logo Posted: 1st June 1998 | Filed under: Press Articles, Technical
Author: Paul Ockenden
First Appeared in PC Pro 1998

There's been much talk in the Internet press recently about the new Top Level Domains (aka TLD's):

.tm .tv .name .pro .ws .us .info .etc

For example, .TM is the national registry for the former Soviet Union republic of Turkmenistan, but it also has obvious trademark connotations and therefore might be attractive as a domain name. So, should you use it for a brand site? Our advice is yes and no. Yes, use it for short-term Web campaigns where the .tm domain name might attract attention for being unusual. Obviously, it would have most impact where the trademark symbol is a well-known part of a brand imagery.

But no, we don't recommend using it as part of a long-term Web strategy. Just because .tm works now doesn't mean the domain will still be working in six or 12 months time. Remember your whole on-line strategy would then be at the mercy of the Republic of Turkmenistan!