Articles From 2011

Fluid Vs Fixed Width Design

Fluid designs are making a comeback on the web, but are they holding us back or allowing us to move forward? With the coming device zombie apocalypse it's no surprise that many people working in the industry are both excited and yet daunted by the future. […]

Posted: 28 November 2011 | Filed under: Design, Technical

Probably the Best PLC Website in the UK?

There’s an independent website testing company called Sitemorse. […]

Posted: 4 October 2011 | Filed under: Projects

The Baseline Grid & Vertical Rhythm

Just how important is the baseline grid and does it have any relevance on the web today? In the words of Robert Bringhurst who wrote The Elements of Typographic Style (many designers’ typography bible. […]

Posted: 12 September 2011 | Filed under: Design, Technical

Holding Amazon To Account

I thought I’d tell you about some silliness around Amazon and its customer accounts. […]

Posted: 10 September 2011 | Filed under: Press Articles

Smartphone Humour

After a bit of research here at CST towers, we’ve discovered that the following joke isn’t understood by people who own one particular brand of phone. […]

Posted: 2 August 2011 | Filed under: Misc/Other

Mathew St Video Voting Competition for Marston's EPA

To help promote their exciting brand, Marston’s EPA asked CST to create a competition for bands to win a gig at the Mathew St Festival in Liverpool. […]

Posted: 22 July 2011 | Filed under: Projects

Marston's PLC Corporate Website

Marston's is the UK's leading independent brewing and pub retailing business, and has been a CST client since 1997. […]

Posted: 28 June 2011 | Filed under: Projects

"Licence 2 View" for Poppleston Allen

Licence2View is secure extranet providing a web-based, real-time view of the data and files that Poppleston Allen (licensing solicitors) holds for its clients. […]

Posted: 8 May 2011 | Filed under: Projects

Ale Mail: Email Designer and Database

Ale Mail is a centralised database of email subscribers with the ability for administrators to design and send email campaigns. […]

Posted: 2 May 2011 | Filed under: Projects