Articles From 2010

Touchy Feely Smartphones

Touch screens or physical QWERTY keyboards? Dabbing a sheet of glass or pressing proper buttons? These are the fundamental choices that any prospective smartphone buyer has to make. […]

Posted: 10 October 2010 | Filed under: Press Articles

Designing iPad Apps

I thought I’d write a bit about designing applications for Apple’s iPad. […]

Posted: 7 October 2010 | Filed under: Press Articles

Not All Touch-Screens Are Created Equal

If you look at the specifications of touch screen phones, tablets, and even some touch screen PCs you’ll notice the terms Capacitive and Resistive used. […]

Posted: 9 September 2010 | Filed under: Press Articles, Technical

Mobile Virtual Networks

I overheard a conversation on the train last week – of the three people huddled around the small table, one was obviously the team's self-appointed technical expert. […]

Posted: 19 June 2010 | Filed under: Press Articles

Marston’s Pub Company Website and Pub Finder

Marston’s Pub Company offer a wide selection of pubs to visit as well as great business opportunities and support. […]

Posted: 5 June 2010 | Filed under: Projects

“Run a Pub” YouTube Channel

“Run a Pub” is Marston’s Pub Company’s YouTube channel aimed at giving quality information about running a pub and driving traffic to the main MPC website. […]

Posted: 10 March 2010 | Filed under: Projects

Poppleston Allen Websites and Web Based Tools

Poppleston Allen: The Leading Licensing Solicitors in the UK. […]

Posted: 9 March 2010 | Filed under: Projects

How to Create a Web Presence for a Small Business

Paul Ockenden reveals the steps to success, and the hidden traps that could stop your site in its tracks Research shows that just under half of Britain’s smaller businesses still don’t have a website, and of those around half believe that a website wouldn’t deliver any real benefits. […]

Posted: 12 January 2010 | Filed under: Press Articles